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This is the national breed club for the English Setter in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1951 and has around 700 members worldwide. The English Setter Association aims to support those who own the breed as companions as well as those who wish to show their dogs. These pages will provide information on all aspects of owning an English Setter as well as all activities of the Association and its members.

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Advice on buying an English Setter Puppy

Over the past 12 months during the Covid 19 lockdown demand for puppies have increased together with unscrupulous people ready to take advantage of this situation. Highly inflated prices have been shown for English Setter puppies on some of the commercial websites. If you are considering buying an English Setter puppy the advice is to do your research first especially if you have not owned the breed before. You can visit the Kennel Clubs 'BePuppywise' campaign, see for information, English Setter Association members also comply with the clubs 'Code of Ethics', see Ethics.pdf.

Is the puppy you are buying registered with the Kennel Club from a reputable breeder. If the puppy has no Kennel Club registration the breeding could be questionable and from a puppy farmer or irresponsible breeder. Reputable English Setters breeders have a considerable knowledge and understanding of breeding, pedigrees, diet and health conditions. The puppy should be seen with its mother, both parents should have been hip scored, microchipped and these days are mostly BAER (hearing) tested, documentation should include all details together with Kennel Registration and a minimum 3 Generation Pedigree. The price of an English Setter bought from a reputable breeder should be in the region of £1500. When buying also make sure that the puppy meets the Kennel Club's recommendations and the Associations Code of Ethics. Reputable breeders will always provide information on the puppy’s diet and worming advice, new owners can rest assured that their new puppy has been well reared. You will also be able to get help and support for your puppy if needed.

Details of available litters can be found on the English Setter Association website or contact puppy
co-ordinator Julie Weller at

If further information is needed please contact any English Setter Association member or ESA Secretary, Christopher Bird at

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English Setter Association Welfare (ESAW)
has gained charitable status

We are pleased to announce that having received notification from the Charity commission ESAW has been entered onto the Register of Charities and is now a registered charity.

A special mention and our thanks must be made to Gill Paterson, Sheree Parrish & Lynn Davis for their outstanding fundraising efforts for ESAW.

For the Rescue, Rehoming & Welfare of English Setters in the UK.

Meet the Officers & Committee


Mrs Valerie Foss


Chair Lady
Miss Glenis Williams


Mr Christopher Bird


Mrs Val Isherwood


Mrs. P. Colton
Mrs. J. Dennis
Mr. R. Green

Mrs. A. Harding


Mrs. V. Hollis
Mrs. L. Howarth
Mrs. C. Jennings - Sharman
Mr. N. Kelly
Mr. P. Lawton


Mrs. C. Normansell
Mr. S. Pitts
Mr E Stephenson
Mr. A. Swannell
 Mrs. C. J. Tucker 


Mr.  L . Weller
Mrs.  P.  Williams
Mrs. M. Withey


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