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  • The Third Moon Map Chronicle

    The Third Moon Map Chronicle

    It’s here at last…

    The Most Magical Adventure of All!

    The Third Moon Map Chronicle

    Mysteries and Miracles

    Further magical adventures of an English Setter Pack

    ‘Two Books in One’ -  640 pages in two parts

    In this, the third book in the Setter series, the pack returns to continue their truth-based, often funny, frequently gripping, sometimes heart-catching and always page-turning adventures at their home in the Lake District which they share with their human Alpha-Pair.

    This book is divided into two parts.  Part One: Whispers in the Wind is dedicated to the pack’s beloved nanny Miss Tickle.

    coverAs the book opens, Tickle is in her senior years and is undisputed Pack Matriarch.  She still insists on running rather than walking and has lost none of her mental agility either.  In fact her wisdom and dry wit have grown rather than become diminished by age, as has her habit of a no-nonsense approach when speaking her mind!  The book opens with a dramatic incident that causes some friction between Top Dog D’Arcy and little Fenella, who you may remember is sensitive, feeling things deeply on behalf of others, and who shares the special gift of Destiny (D’Arcy’s litter sister and pack bard) famous for’ far-seeing’ and her often prophetic songs.

    Tickle rescues the evening from discord by advocating a pack ‘Storyfest’, a suggestion avidly received by Clifford’s son and daughter, Benson and Bronwen.  Tickle tells a story from the Pack Archives and tensions are forgotten as the Setters are drawn into the drama.  The issue behind Fenella’s earlier disappearance – the cause of the conflict – remains unresolved but is put aside and all the Setters go contentedly to their beds.   All that is except Fenella who is still feeling unfairly treated, and D’Arcy who is disturbed by the secret imparted to him by Fenella.   He tries to sleep but is kept awake by worry and an unquiet conscience, and the awareness that he has unfinished business that must one day be addressed.

    How D’Arcy deals with this, and the consequences arising from it, take us deeper into the plot.  Prior to this though a catastrophic event takes place in the form of the Great Fire, a true incident that was painful to recall and put into words, but also a time when the pack showed great courage and heroism, dogsespecially Destiny and Clifford’s little daughter, Bronwen.  In the meantime Tickle is growing weaker in body as her age begins to tell, but stronger than ever in spirit.  She confides to young Benson that she is aware of his secret: that he too has the Gift and can see things the others cannot, and secretly enlists his support.    She assures him that when her time finally comes she will be with them all still and will continue to help them all if they listen for the whispers in the wind.  Benson promises to work secretly to help the others to understand, and in so doing he loses his adolescent brashness and rapidly matures.  Destiny, being the first to hear the magical whispers, is also comforted and reassured.

    Pack life goes on and D’Arcy’s adventures are interspersed with stories and happenings in the life of the other pack members, and his exploits introduce us to some new characters.  The Scavvies are a bunch of street dogs encountered by D’Arcy and he needs all his wits and courage to overcome the challenge.  Some lively exchanges and fast action result!  D’Arcy finds the help he seeks, and also rescues the pitiful Raver from his intolerable street life to enjoy a very different and healing existence.   A momentous meeting takes place and at last D’Arcy’s conflict is resolved, his duty done and his conscience clear.  His time then is taken up schooling a newcomer to the pack, a youngster who presents him with a fresh challenge.  All looks to be resolved, but then a shock event shatters the pack’s world, and that of Alpha-She.

    Part Two:  Believing is Seeing is an account of a strange set of circumstances and occurrences, and is at the heart of the book -despite the fact that there is littlehead said here compared to the above.  However this is no indication of lack of status or significance, but rather about preserving the plot and allowing the natural unfolding of the mystery surrounding this devastating event and its amazing and true consequences.  winterIt is difficult to describe this part of the book without giving too much away!  It would spoil the essential tension if the destination was to be revealed ahead of the journey!   This part of the book centres largely on D’Arcy and ‘Alpha-She’ and how the skein of startling events unravelled.  Clifford also has a prominent role and is part of the larger incredible picture.  All the pack members are here too and each has a story to tell, for example Clifford and the true tale of how he helped rescue a tiny fawn; Flossie tells the archive tale of the day Ben escaped and brought Alpha-He to his knees; and Destiny’s amusing but also nail-biting story about Fenella and the bull.  Destiny also has a key role: whilst battling with intense emotions, she shores up the pack members with her songs, stories, privileged insight and rare courage.   All help one another to cope and overcome and have belief in a happy outcome.  To say more would be to give too much away!   Read, be moved and be uplifted!

     It took much soul-searching and courage to share these extraordinary events, so much so that there is a revealing ‘Author’s Note’ at the end of the book.   So there is little more to be said here, except perhaps ‘please read with an open mind and if you will, join the humble and grateful author in celebrating this little miracle!’

    Because ‘Mysteries and Miracles’ is…

    The Story of a Lifetime – Twice Over!

    This quality book is richly illustrated with photographs and has 640 pages printed on a silk finish paper similar to the previous two books. 

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    Also available are book 1, 'Memories of a Moon Map' and book 2 'The Second moon Map Chronicles' by Nina Green

  • English Setters Ancient & Modern

    English Setters Ancient and Modern
    Author: Margaret Barnes
    Muffin Books (1982)
    ISBN: 0-9507887-0-8

    This is probably the definitive book on the history of English Setters in the UK and an essential book of over 400 pages for Breeders and Enthuiasts. It follows the origins of the breed from the 14th century through the developments made by Edward Laverack and Richard Purcell Llewellin in the 19th century, culminating in the achievements of some of the more recent breeders. It includes details of the breeding of a host of champions and features numerous photographs and illustrations. Other chapters include sections on Breeding & Inbreeding, The authors Interpretation of the Kennel Club Breed Standard, Judging & Exhibiting and a comprehensive section on General Management of English Setters. This book is now out of print and new copies we believe are no longer available.

    The English Setter Association currently has one used book for sale.
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  • Millennium Book

    English Setters 'Into The Millennium'
    Published By: The English Setter Association (1999)

    book1book2 To celebrate the Millennium The English Setter Association decided to publish a book about the breed jointly written by many well-known top UK English Setter breeders. This comprehensive book is as relevant today as it was when written and is the ideal book for prospective, new and novice owners. Importantly it is also the ideal reference book for current owners and dog enthusiasts wishing find more information and to form an understanding of the breed.

    The book contents are broken down into 14 highly informative chapters with quality photographs, line drawings, illustrative plates, A brief description for each chapter is shown below.

    Chapters 1 & 2 give a history of both the English Setter and also the Association.

    Chapter 3 describes the dedicated work of the English Setter Rescue Association which is operated totally independently of the ESA. The essential funds for English Setter Rescue are raised totally from voluntary donations, bequests and events organized by individuals, clubs and societies with lots more information concerning Rescue.

    Chapter 4 gives information on the working English Setter, including training and Field Trials.

    book2 The health of our dogs is a very important to all owners and Chapter 5 covers all issues of health, general care, first aid, diseases & disorders, parasites,old age and other problems specific to Setters


    A highly informative Chapter 6 describes the basics of genetics as it applies to breeders and owners of English Setters and is divided into several very clearly explained comprehensive sections.

    The information from the last chapter will assist with Chapter 7's 'Breeding Considerations'. Breeding is a venture not to be taken lightly and this chapter guides you through important decisions.


    Following on Chapter 8 guides you through the process of Planning, Whelping and Rearing a litter of puppies.

    Chapter 9 takes you to 'Choosing & Caring for A Puppy' and covers purchasing your puppy. It includes the considerations made prior to purchase, sections on searching for a puppy, house training, socialisation, training and growing into adulthood.

    Methods of Feeding is covered in Chapter 10 including ingredients and food choices.

    Chapter 11 covers Trimming & Grooming and advice is given on trimming, be wary of using groomers who do not know the correct way of trimming English Setters otherwise the beautiful coat could be spoilt by over-use of clippers.

    Perhaps you will decide to exhibit your Setter, Chapter 12 covers 'Preparation for Show', Chapter 13 'The Breed Standard', which gives The Kennel Clubs Breed Standard' together with an interpretation which is the blueprint in words for the breed. Following on is the final Chapter 14 'Well Known Kennels' details a history of many of the top Kennels & Breeders past and present. It outlines the influence these Kennels have made on the development of the breed to the present day.

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