Show Diary 2018

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Show Date Judge/s Closing Date Schedule
Online Entry
Manchester 21/01/18 Mrs Janet Barber      
M.E.S.S. 04/02/18 Mrs Aleks Greenhalgh(D): Mr Keith Young(B): Mrs Maureen Withey (R):  Stakes - Mrs Sue Rumble      
N.E.S.S. 11/02/18 AGM      
S.E.S.S. 18/03/18 AGM      
Crufts 11/03/18 Mr John Barber      
E.S.S. of Wales 08/04/18 Mrs Margaret Henry - Subject to KC Approval(D): Mrs Barbara Cherry(B): Mr Elwyn Evans (R):
Stakes – Mrs Liz Uren
E.S.A. 22/04/18 Miss Lois Buckley(D): Miss Glenis Williams(B): Mrs Chris Jennings(R)
NESS Dual Open Show 05/05/18 Show 1 - Mr Nigel Bryant: Show 2 – Mrs Chris Schofield
Birmingham Nat 12/05/18 Mrs Tatjana Urek      
MESS Open 13/05/18 Mrs Vicky McLoughlin: Stakes - Mr Peter Armstrong      
S.K.C.1 20/05/18 Mrs Jane Howarth      
Bath 26/05/18 Mrs Lesley Armstrong-Rodgers      
Southern Counties 03/06/18 Mr Gordon Hayburn      
Three Counties 10/06/18 Mrs Chris Sayers      
Border Union 17/06/18 Mrs Fiona Mitchell      
ESS of Scotland Ch Sh
Held together with Border Union
17/06/18 Mrs Christine Morgan(D): Mrs Pam Halstead(B): Mrs Jessie Boyd (R)      
Blackpool 23/06/18 Mrs M Taylor      
E.S.A. 24/06/18 AGM      
Windsor 01/07/18 Mr Alan Grindley      
East Of England 07/07/18 Mrs Jane Dennis      
E.S.A. Open 08/07/18 Mrs Rebecca Goutorbe: Stakes - Ms Hannah Osbourne      
S.E.S.S. Open 15/07/18 Mr Eric Stephenson: Awards - Mrs Anne Montell      
NESS 21/07/18 Mrs Glenys Sykes(D): Mr Steve Hollings (B):Mr Howard Stubbington(R): Specials - Ms Gloria Taylor      
Leeds 28/07/18 Mr Bill Bunce      
Paignton 04/08/18 Mr Frank Whyte      
National Gundog 05/08/18 Mrs Val Watkins      
Welsh Kennel Club 19/08/18 Mr Peter Schoneville MBE      
City of Birmingham 02/09/18 Mrs Sarah Loakes      
Richmond 09/09/18 Mr Howard Stubbington      
Darlington 16/09/18 Mr Lee Cox      
E.S.S. Wales Open 30/09/18 Mrs Wendy Johnson: Stakes - Mrs Phoebe Darley      
South Wales 07/10/18 Mrs Lesley Simpson      
Midland Counties 25/10/18 Mrs Penny Williams      
GDS of Wales 31/10/18 Mrs Tanya Lewis      
Setter & Pointer 03/11/18 Miss Ellen Loynd      
Gundog Breeds of Scotland 10/11/18 Mr Henric Fryckstrand      
ESS of Scotland Open
Held together with GDBAS
10/11/18 Mrs Sandy Williams      
S.E.S.S. 18/11/18 Mrs Jane Bishop(D): Miss Lois Buckley(B): Mrs Jennifer Barlow(R):  Memorials - Mrs Dilys Watts         
M.E.S.S. Open 25/11/18 Mr David Hutchinson      
L.K.A. 16/12/18 Mr Per Iverson