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The following dropdown menu's contain information regarding Education and Training for Judges at all levels.

  • Breed Specific Seminars & availability

    The JJC has been running regular breed specific seminars in accordance with the Kennel Club best practice guidelines (Modules 1, 2 and 3) that have been linked to the various judging lists since 2001. In this time 463 people have attended 39 modules organised by the English Setter breed clubs.
    Given the falling entries at shows and reducing hands-on criteria it is important that judges are assessed to ensure they fully understand the breed characteristics before awarding CC’s in the breed. Therefore the JJC places significant emphasis on judges needing to attend and pass breed specific seminars, especially Module 3 which is designed to assess potential judges before moving onto the A3 List and awarding CC’s.
    Details of future breed specific seminars / assessments will appear on the breed club web sites once plans are confirmed.
  • Kennel Club Judging Regulations

    The Kennel Club has updated its Judging Regulations and Code of Best Practice for Judges.
    The new regulations, which are explained in attached KC press release, are effective from 1st January 2020.
    To download latest regulations click   KC Regulations 2019
  • Breed Appreciation Day 21/03/20


    To download these PDF details click     Breed Appreciation Day    

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