Membership of the ESA

The English Setter Association has a worldwide membership of around 700. The majority of these are based in the UK, although it also has
members from many European Countries, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, Canada, Japan and elsewhere.

The English Setter Association invites every owner of this wonderful breed to join.

The Annual Fee for Membership includes the cost of an annual members yearbook and two newsletters. Overseas Membership is available to residents outside the UK inland postal rate area. Joint Membership is available for two members of one family. The annual subscription is due on the first of January each year. Any member failing to pay the due subscription by 31st March shall automatically removed from the List Of Members. Where no new subscription rate is agreed, the last previously agreed shall continue in force.
Members joining on or after 1st November shall pay the full subscription as fixed for the following year, which will automatically cover them for that following year.
The cost for UK Membership is £10.00 for a single or joint membership. Oversea's Membership is £15.00 for a single or joint membership.

Application for Membership

If you wish to apply for membership of the English Setter Association, please print and complete a copy of the Application Form from this web-site and forward it to the Treasurer with your payment of the annual subscription. Payment must accompany applications, a Banker's Order Form is also available by downloading should you wish to use this payment method. By joining the ESA, all Members are expected to abide by the Code of Ethics.

PDF Application Form
PDF UK Members Bankers Order Form
PDF Overseas Members Bankers Order Form

The completed form should be sent to:
Mrs Val Isherwood
Level Gate, St Johns Chapel
Bishop Auckland, Co Durham DL13 1RB
or Tel: 01388 537688
If you have any query regarding Membership, please contact the Treasurer or Secretary