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HOME PAGE : Welcome page with Latest News flying banner, link to the Facebook ' English Setter Association Members Group'

ESA Fun Day 21st September 2019
Nina Green's 'The Third Moon Map Chronicle'
Limited Edition Bournehouse Print
How to advertise your puppies with ESA (Members Only)
20/21 Show Judges

English Setter Clubs
ESA Members Year Book Pages
Organisations with English Setter Information
English Setter Kennels
International English Setter Kennels

ABOUT CLUB : Information about the ESA
Membership : How to become a member of the ESA and payment information
Ethics : The ESA's Code of Ethics
Members Page : Members Yearbook advertisments
ESAW : English Setter Association Welfare

ABOUT BREED : Information about English Setters
Yearbook : Information about the ESA Yearbook including how to publicise your dogs and payment information
Puppy Register : Puppies now available including contact details and breeding information
History of the English Setter : Brief history of the breed
English Setter Book Page : English Setter books available for sale including ESA's 'English Setters, Into The Millennium', Nina Green's 'The Moon Map Triology and Margaret Barnes 'English Setters Ancient and Modern'

HEALTH : English Setter Health
Joint Health Committee : contact details
Breed Health & Conservation Plan:
Kennel Club Conservation Plan PDF
BHCP Progress Report PDF
PRA4 and NCL DNA tests PDF
Health Issues :
Hip Dysplasia : PDF
Skin And Ear Conditions : PDF
Hypothyroidism : PDF
Deafness : PDF

Surveys and Updates : undertaken on behalf of The English Setter Association/Joint Setter Clubs Health Committee.
Management for Temperament (1996 Booklet) PDF
Setter Litter Report (David T Parkin) PDF
Skin Survey (David T Parkin) PDF
Deafness in English Setters (2001 with 2015 update) PDF
Helpful Hints (General Management) PDF
Lorna Kennedy Article (Genetic Diversity) PDF
Lorna Kennedy Article (Laymans Report) PDF
The Kennel Club BAER test results scheme
Health 1 : Dead Tail and Damage to Occiput
Health 2 : To follow

BREED STANDARD : Full Breed Standard including diagrams

SHOW SCENE : This heading is intended for those who wish to know more about the exhibition of English Setters at shows in the UK during the year
Show Diary : Current year Show Calendar
Show Results 2019 : Up to date show results
Show Results 2018 :
Show Results 2017 :
Show Results 2016 :
Show Results 2015 :
Show Scene 4 : to follow

JUDGING INFO : Information about judging
Kennel Club announcement Kennel Club review notice PDF
Main Recommendations of JCF review group. At the KC Special General Meeting on Tuesday 12th November 2019,
Irene McManus Chair of the Group, unveiled the main recommendations that the Group are making to the KC Board.
News release JCF review update PDF
Latest review Latest KC JCF review news release, more info on the restructuring of the JCF PDF
Joint Judges Committee (JJC) dropdown Information
Judging List Criteria dropdown information and PDF: Judging Criteria
Judging Lists : all available Judging Lists PDF's
Questionnaire   A1 List   A3 List   B list   C List
Judges Competency Framework dropdown information (JCF) and following PDF's
List of English Setter mentors Mentors
Information about the new JCF system 
Letter to ‘B’ & ‘C’ Judges (September 2018) Letter
Canine Societies dropdown information

EDUCATION INFO : information about judges education & training
Breed Specific Seminars information
Kennel Club Judging Regulation information and PDF KC Regulations 2019

FAMILY PAGE : For those who wish to contribute articles, family English Setter photographs or stories.

FUNDAY 19 : pictures of the ESA 2019 Funday

CONTACT US : use this link to email us with your enquiry